Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Comfy...


These are things that make me more comfy, how about you?

~Boyfriend's sweats-oh, so comfy and cozy! I took them so often he actually ended up giving them to me. What a sweety!

~Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea- what Boyfriend calls "uterus fiber." But it is marketed as "supporting the female system." I dare you to try it when Aunt Flo is visiting! (And I've heard it also works for inducing labor, if any of you need that sort of thing.) I found it at Whole Foods.

~Brown Bread- Mom used to get this once in a while and I haven't been able to find it, till now. I bought some (at Albertsons) on a whim and smeared on the butter. Mmmmm...

For ultimate comfort I combined all three and was in heaven for a while.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Best Medicine

Recently Boyfriend introduced me to a blog called 1000 Awesome Things. Not long ago there was an entry about crying, as an awesome thing to do...makes you feel better, relieves tension, etc. Apparently women cry an average of 5 or more times a month!!! Am I just emotionally stunted? I haven't had a good cry for over a year! (Last time we had a fight to be precise.) Sure things well-up once in a while (good books, good movies, being moved by the Spirit) but to actually let tears flow? It has to be big.

At least now. When I was a teenager I sometimes forced myself to cry (well, bawl really) when I was feeling stressed. And back then, just about anything would do it, too. A sad movie, a song, I was pretty sappy once in my life. And it worked. I would feel so much better so I can understand the good and relief that comes from crying.

But now? I certainly don't feel pent up. And it's not that I am never stressed anymore. Goodness, no!

But I think I know of a better cure. It is more relieving and more awesome than crying.... Laughing!

I love it and I realize I do it ALL the time (wow, did I ever really laugh as a teenager now that I think about it? Okay there were a couple of car trips with Mom and Sister #1...)

Boyfriend and I make each other laugh constantly (and sometimes we make ourselves laugh too!)

Laughter is more joyful and engages the whole body (when you do it well). Sometimes you just ache after laughing so much. Humor makes you think. Laughter makes you feel better afterwards (which is WAY better than the wallowing that is crying).

Humor and laughter make you more of a positive person and help you look at life in a humorous way. It makes you smile more.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nevermind Motherhood...

I want to be a grandma!
I am starting on a new project (cause, I don't have to actually finish the other ones first! and there is nothing like having my mind scattered!)
I am making a quilt out of the baby clothes the kids used to wear. I am just cutting squares right now and I still have to wait for #4 to outgrow a few things, so it will take lots of time.
But, I thought I could make this huge quilt that I could put on a spare bed for when my grand children come over and they can see (and sleep under) the clothes their mommy or daddys used to wear. It will be full of stories and memories that we can talk about! Can't wait!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Out of the closet

Wanting to follow Boyfriends stellar example of cleaning his side of the closet, I attempted to do the same to mine.

I first took all the clothes, etc. out of the closet...

I have come to the conclusion I have too many clothes!

I put some in a bin the garage (those more suitable for summer wear), and some in a Goodwill pile (of course those will sit in the garage for months as well, before we actually get around to dropping them off.)

And now I have just the bare essentials. (Although Boyfriend still thinks I have too many!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Losing It...

um...I should say them.
They have been with me forever, but especially since I was 13.
They have have given me pleasure and pain.
They have nursed my 4 children.
And they are officially gone!!
I have lost a one cup size after finishing nursing #4, and one cup size since losing 20+ pounds, (that's 2 cup sizes if you need the help).
I like losing the weight, but do I HAVE to lose it/them (*huff*)???

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Normal (?)

What is normal you ask?
Anything than what my life has been like for the past 3 weeks.
I was sleeping in till 7:30am some mornings.
Staying up LATE watching movies with Boyfriend.
Taking a break from studying.
Being ignored by my children while they play with each other.
Not doing laundry (Boyfriend took that over while on vacation.)
Now? Well, today I got up before 6am (*gasp*) to get the kids up and ready for school.
I sorted the laundry, washed, dried; then folded it and put it away.
After working out and showering (I did continue to do both of those, before you think I am completely lazy), I started my new course and finished lesson 1!
(On a side note I have made a goal to finish two courses this year.)
Then I made banana bread with Isaac and we actually got to play with some puzzles and games with Evan. Then we read some books together. (I forgot how pleasant it is to have half my children at school during the day!)
Okay, so we're not actually totally back to normal. Boyfriend does still have another week off work. But you can't expect me to rush back into real life too fast, now can you?