Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rabbit Hole: Days...No idea, I lost count!

Finally, after a couple of set-backs, IT IS DONE!
With the wrong carpet sent and all that hassle, I ended up just going and getting carpet-by-the-yard at Home Depot.  I got a nice light gray carpet and cut it to fit the little room.  
Then, after my little water issue (i.e. hole in a pipe that may or may not have been made by me), we had to rip out the structure that surrounded that pipe (water main).  You can see the odd shaped structure here right next to the doorway (the hole is to access the shut off valve):

SO we had to rebuild it and have a little door to access the valve.  We wanted it a little more simple and straightforward.  I wanted a little decor.  This is what we came up with:

  Can you see that door?  I love it! Here's a closeup:

And the quote above.."Curiouser and curiouser!"  Here's another view:

Quote: "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense" ~Lewis Carroll
I still need to paint over the screws so they don't stand out too much.  But it wasn't a priority last night, Perhaps this evening.  I ended up painting the new structure the same color as the ceiling rather than the blue walls. 

Here are the rest of the pictures!

I love it all so much, I can't even pick my favorite part of the room!
Anyway, thanks for putting up with my silliness for a little while!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rabbit Hole: Days 10 &11

Well, I should have been done by now.  BUT, this week the project has...had a couple of snags. A carpet related snag (they sent the wrong one! Then the one I wanted was out of stock!)  And one water related (I won't go into details with that one.  Still processing/feeling badly about it.)
So, no pics today.  However before the latter issue came about, the room was near perfect.  Oh I wish you all could have seen it!  Alas, I'll get it fixed back up.  It will just take more time.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rabbit Hole: Day 9

Well the rug didn't come yesterday. Sad.
But we must move on! No time to dilly dally...we have another showing!  So I finished a few things up for now.
Check out this cozy reading spot!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rabbit Hole Days 7 & 8

Well, painting is finally finished! If I never paint again...
Also, the rug should arrive today!  Let's hope it does, cause we have a showing tomorrow.  The baseboards are measured and cut, and all ready to install once the rug comes.  Can't wait for you to see this rug!
Yesterday I started to decorate.  I could put a lot of stuff on the walls before installing the carpet and baseboards.  Here are a few pictures: (please note, my phone camera is awful taking pictures in this space. I may need someone else to take good pics one of these days.)

Everyone, including the cats, love it!  I think this may become the place to be in our house!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Rabbit Hole: Days 5 & 6

Not a whole lot to say about the last couple of days.
I finished the second coat of plastering on the dry wall. (Don't look too close!)

I also sewed all the pillows for the comfy reading area of the room.

I also sewed curtains, but I'll wait to post a picture after I get them hung up (!!!) And worked on some other crafty projects...

This is just my favorite project ever. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rabbit Hole: Day 4

Oh today was a big day in the Rabbit Hole.
I. Hung. Drywall.
It's not going to be the best, most fabulous job.  Not many people are going to see it.  So I was okay with doing it myself.  Plus I started to add some trim to parts of the Rabbit Hole (around the door and window).
Also working on another decor project.  Here's a hint:

Mini Renovation: Day 3

I spent day 3 doing some of the funnest parts of this project: shopping, shopping, shopping, and crafting.
I won't post pictures yet of the goodies I bought (those will come soon enough). But here is a sneak peek of a fun little surprise in the nook (which, incidentally, is going to be christened the Rabbit Hole). Tee hee!

Mini Renovation: Day 2

Oh, how I have a love/hate relationship with painting.  But because this is such a small space I didn't mind it so much!  The only problem...I was painting the underside of stairs.  And proceeded to get a whole lot of paint in my hair.  Oops.
The main part of the room is a baby blue. Love it.
For the ceiling and the underside of the stairs I chose a very light tan (the stairs use to be pink...?).  It offsets the blue nicely and will go great with the fantastic carpet I got.  I have less than a week till it arrives! Eek!
Below are my attempts at pictures of the paint job.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Reading Nook Renovation: Day 1

Project: Re-creating the play room under the stairs into a nice reading nook.
Theme: Alice in Wonderland!

Lots to do. Which is spectacular and keeps my mind off trying to sell the house, leaving my amazing job, and moving the family across the country.

Is it awful to start a mini renovation project when there are potential buyers coming to see? Oh well. It keeps my happy.

Day 1: Today I pulled off the baseboard.  It didn't go all the way around (why?  I don't know.)  One part was glued on, but the rest was just nailed on.
I then pulled out all the carpet.  It was cheap, flat, awful stuff that also didn't cover the whole area. That brought up lots of dust and dirt, so I promptly vacuumed the whole space.
With the holes from the old baseboard and a few little spots that needed touching up, I grabbed my Spackle and Spackle knife and filled in everywhere.

I'll let that sit overnight. Tomorrow I'll see if this little town has some sheet rock for me to finish off one wall.  Plus I want to get new baseboard that will match the family room.  And maybe I'll start to paint!  (Pale blue like Alice's dress!)  Plus a little shopping is in store.