Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nostalgia-The Food Edition

I have had a busy and crazy week this week (thus the lack of posting). So to make myself feel a little better I let myself indulge in a couple of food items that remind me of my childhood.
First let me tell you that I am not really enjoying food right now. Maybe it is because I have tricked my mind into not craving food so much. Maybe it's because I have to record and keep track of and report what I eat. Maybe because of the HUGE guilt factor if I do eat something that is high in fat or calories. Whatever the reason food and cooking are just a burden I would rather forgo.

But, growing up in my family, well, lets just say things revolved around food. As many occasions do where we gather with family, friends, ward members, etc. There is usually a treat, a meal, a cake, an excuse to get together and share good times. I loved when my older brothers and sisters, their spouses and children would come to my home (the grandparents house) and enjoy games, laughter and food. So that food took on meaning to me. Well, maybe that's enough self-disclosure about my food issues.

Anyway, I treated myself to a few memorable foods this weekend.

1. Artichokes- I know they are not really in season. But I wanted a yummy vegetable for a nice dinner with Boyfriend after the kids were in bed. And I love that I can boast that I know how to cook and eat an artichoke. It isn't easy, but totally worth all the work.
I know what you are thinking "a vegetable as a treat?" Come over and I'll make one for you sometime and you'll see!

2. Toasted Bologna Sandwich- Not in the least healthy. And I usually hate bologna. My mom used to make these for me when I was a little girl (I think her piano teacher made them for her), so they bring back memories and comfort. I taught #3 how to make them and he loved them too.
3. Chex Mix- Not the icky stuff the sell at the store. The real stuff you make yourself with Worchestershire sauce and butter and yummy spices. Dad would make this every Christmas. The smell and the taste (along with the Christmas music playing in the background) really got me in the mood for Christmas. Just watch those calories! (sigh)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Favorites (yes, more!)

Okay this week are a couple of my favorite favorites!

#1 Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser-it actually got permanent marker off the top of my desk! I gave it a try (but was very skeptical about it) and it really worked! I was amazed. You see #3 was bored the other day and I was busy working on a lesson when he found a permanent marker on my desk and wrote on a sticky note with it. Well it bled through the sticky note as all good perm. markers do and made a mess on my desk. I gave him a good 5 minute long lecture (and a few mean looks along with it).

#2 Papers!-A store here in ABQ that sells the best (and the most expensive) paper. I got a few sheets to start my Christmas card project (yes, already). Beautiful papers (even real Origami paper) and more. In fact I have to go back in the next couple of weeks for stocking stuffers! Want to come with me and check it out? We can eat at a great pizza place near the store, too.

#3 Unexpected visitors-my sister and her husband stopped by while passing through today! Yea! They couldn't stay but we had a nice little chat anyway.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Day In The Life

5:45am- crawl out of bed, make bed, brush teeth, check bank online.
6:15am- wake kids, have family prayer, encourage children to get dressed while breakfast is being served.
6:30am- finish kids' lunches, eat my own breakfast.
6:45am- help all kids get ready for day/school (incl. brush teeth, get dressed, change diapers, make beds, pack backpacks, comb hair, etc), separate and spray dirty laundry, put in first load.
7:15am- leave to take kids to school.
8:00am- arrive home from drop off, switch laundry, can't walk today since walking partner just moved :(, work out.
9:00am- shower and dress (finally), switch laundry.
9:30am- snack for little boys.
9:45am- take #3 to preschool.
10:00am- back home, recite "Good Night Moon" to #4, put #4 down for nap, switch laundry.
10:05am- eat protein filled snack.
10:15am- study lesson 8 (investing), work on assignment I find out later didn't need to be done (no wonder I was so confused!)
11:45am- read scriptures and study for RS lesson, switch laundry.
12:15pm- wake #4, leave to get #3 from preschool, pay for preschool.
12:40pm- call Boyfriend
12:45pm- make and eat lunch with boys
1:15pm- make orange juice pops with #3 for FHE treat
1:25pm- change a diaper
1:30pm- leave to pick kids up from school.
2:00pm- get caught in conversation with #2's teacher.
2:30pm- leave to go home.
3:00pm- home, get kids started on homework.
3:05pm- get call from Boyfriend
3:10pm- get snack for kids set out, switch laundry, eat apple and crackers.
3:30pm- get ready to make dinner, prep for homemade tomato sauce, pick fresh basil from garden, realize we don't have enough eggplant for eggplant parmesan (I need 2).
4:00pm- prep for new dinner, make vinegrette for yummy Cranberry Spinach salad, take sauce off stove, switch laundry.
4:30pm- Boyfriend home, kiss him.
4:40pm- Chop, dice, pour and toss dinner.
5:00pm- eat dinner, have nice conversation with Boyfriend while trying to ignore rude comments from children about how they hate dinner, threaten to make them cook dinner some night.
5:30pm- take Advill for headache, leave for PTO meeting at school (WHAT!? time by myself?)
6:00pm- sit bored during PTO meeting.
7:30pm- PTO meeting (finally) ends.
7:50pm- get home, too late for FHE (we'll have it Tuesday night instead), family prayer, get kids in bed.
8:00pm- crash on couch with Boyfriend to watch SNL and eat a few Oreos (bad I know, but headaches need sugar!)
9:00pm- finish cleaning up kitchen, finish folding laundry (Boyfriend did most), get ready for bed.
9:50pm- climb into bed, finish book, go to sleep.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

This Week's Favorites

#1 Penicillan--yea for not having strep throat any more! For some reason I get it EVERY year. Anyone know why?

#2 Greek Yogurt--This stuff is yummy and loaded with protein. You feel better after eating some, but boy is it pricey!

#3 Jeans--that are two sizes smaller than what I wore a couple months ago! But I still won't tell you the size!

#4 My new boyfriend--okay, it's really Hubby, he heard a caller on Car Talk refer her to husband as her boyfriend and thought it was very romantic. Now he wants us to start referring to each other that way. Which is very confusing since from the sound of things I have two husband already (one named Roy, the other named David). So we are back to being boyfriend and girlfriend again. Maybe he'll even hold my hand!
#5 Daylight Savings--yea for not waking when it is pitch black outside! And for getting a little more sleep than I normally would have last night!