Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer of Fun

In all my busy-ness and craziness lately, I decided to add some more!
First and foremost let me mention that things have calmed down a bit for me recently.
I got released from my calling in the ward YW presidency :(
And called to be the Beehive adviser :)
I also finished my nutrition class (uh, with an A!)
And am not planning on starting another class until the kiddos are back in school.
For the pure and simple reason that I want to just PLAY! ALL! SUMMER! LONG!
This year is the first year that Evan can really participate in many fun crafts and things.
And might be one of the last years that Allyson would really want to.
Plus, last summer was so ridiculous, that we just want to play this year.
SO! I have come up with LOTS of plans for my "Summer of Fun" with the kids.
Now, if you know me or know my kids (or both), you know that we thrive on schedules.
So despite the fun and games we will enjoy, there will still be routine and still be structure, don't you fret!
I doubt you want details of THAT though.
But, if you are interested in WHAT we are doing...
Here is a link to my calendar, where the major activities are posted.
Although, nothing is set in stone! I'll being changing a few things, I just know it.
And if you have suggestions...suggest away!
If you are interested in joining in our fun...
Just let me know what days you would like to join us!
We'd LOVE the company and friends!