Monday, May 11, 2015

Reading Nook Renovation: Day 1

Project: Re-creating the play room under the stairs into a nice reading nook.
Theme: Alice in Wonderland!

Lots to do. Which is spectacular and keeps my mind off trying to sell the house, leaving my amazing job, and moving the family across the country.

Is it awful to start a mini renovation project when there are potential buyers coming to see? Oh well. It keeps my happy.

Day 1: Today I pulled off the baseboard.  It didn't go all the way around (why?  I don't know.)  One part was glued on, but the rest was just nailed on.
I then pulled out all the carpet.  It was cheap, flat, awful stuff that also didn't cover the whole area. That brought up lots of dust and dirt, so I promptly vacuumed the whole space.
With the holes from the old baseboard and a few little spots that needed touching up, I grabbed my Spackle and Spackle knife and filled in everywhere.

I'll let that sit overnight. Tomorrow I'll see if this little town has some sheet rock for me to finish off one wall.  Plus I want to get new baseboard that will match the family room.  And maybe I'll start to paint!  (Pale blue like Alice's dress!)  Plus a little shopping is in store.

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